20/40ft Modular Cages

The modular concept enables the user to serve both 20ft. and 40ft. bays interchangeably which saves time and money without compromising on personnel protection.

Standard Features on the 20/40ft Modular Cage includes:
  • Designed to be lifted by crane spreaders with ISO-standard 20 ft. and 40 ft. twistlock centres guaranteeing compatibility with the majority of cranes and vessels.
  • Ultra-sturdy construction and design capable of handling rough quayside working conditions.
  • Ready to be used straight from delivery – fully assembled on 40 ft. S.O.C - with no modifications necessary.
  • Two floor cut outs with fold-out access hatches are supplied on the ends of each cage for easy access to container tops from inside the cages.
  • Equipped with guides for faster operation and replacement of the 20 ft. cage inside the 40 ft. structure.
  • Galvanized personnel static safety lines running along the length of the cage for increased occupational safety. Safety lines are utilised for work restraint and positioning via a safety harness with retractable reel, fall arrestor or fixed lanyard, allowing up to 4 lashers per cage unit.
  • Secondary safety attachments to prevent detachment from the spreader in the event of twistlock failure. These mandatory certified secondary attachment slings – with screw-pin bow shackles for ‘locking’ onto the crane spreader - are back-up to the conventional spreader twistlock attachment for additional personnel safety.
  • Anti-slip floor plates, steel mesh boundaries and kick plates provide a safe environment for staff and protect against falling objects.
  • Robust spring-loaded self-closing/ locking gates.
  • Storage bins and lockers for safe stowing of all tools and lashing equipment.
  • Hand-railing is installed on all sides inside the cage as per EU statutory regulations.
  • Commercial abrasive sand-blasting of all metal surfaces to achieve clean bare steel per SA-2.5 (ISO8501- 1:1998) and then painted with rust inhibiting primer. Double top coating with a minimum thickness of 325 mm. Standard Paint Colour: Yellow RAL 1003, finished with safety patterns and contrast colours for better visibility of corner pockets.
  • SWL: 2.5 MT for the 20 ft. module
  • SWL: 2.5 MT for the 40 ft. module
  • SWL: 5 MT for the combined unit. includes tools, equipment and personnel


Additional Features for 20 ft. Cage
  • Can be detached from the 40ft unit and deployed independently as a single 20 ft. cage
  • Fitted with lashing pole hooks for the safe storage of lashing poles inside the cage
Additional Features for 40 ft. Cage
  • Able to be deployed with the 20 ft. insert in place as a standard 40 ft. cage, or with the 20 ft. insert removed to allow higher access on high deck stows
  • “Gondola Mode” feature - allowing the lifting of a 40 ft. cage from lower lifting points thus reducing the resulting height loss by 2.2m without jeopardizing worker safety as they are not placed between the stacks. Instead they work from above in a type of “inverted gondola cage”. Especially useful for smaller cranes working with newer ships such as the Triple-E class with high deck stows.

Optional Extras:

  • OP1 – Roof mounted stainless steel enclosures for safety harness storage
  • OP2 – Sill beam storage brackets for easy storage and retrieval. Dependent on crane design and sill beam capacity
  • OP3 – EN 795 Class A1 fall arrest anchor points for harness attachment whilst working outside the cage
  • OP4 – 5m/10m/15m fall arrestor blocks


  • All twistlocks will need mechanical/ electrical safety locks to prevent unintentional unlocking.
  • The mother spreader must be equipped with safety lifting lugs on all four corners for secondary chain attachment.
  • Suitable means of radio communications must be available between the lashers and crane operator.


  • Our comprehensive design ensures our customers’ needs are covered and industry standards are met.
  • Stringent testing is inclusive of 150% load testing and NDT of all critical joints making our safety cages the most cost-effective option compliant with international standards.
  • (EN14502-1, BS EN795:1997, BS7883:2005, BS7121-2:2003, EC Machinery Guidelines, AWS D1.1, FEM1.001, ISO 668:1995, ISO 1161:1984, ISO1496-1:1996, ISO3874:1997, ISO85014-1:1998, BS 5493:1997).
  • Due to its popularity, our safety cages are manufactured by us and kept in stock and so are able to be transported as S.O.C. direct to terminals worldwide.