Container safety protection "WindBreaker"

Proving that innovation needn’t be complicated or expensive, World Crane Services has become an exclusive distributor for a simple device that can save time, effort and lives on the container terminal.

The product – called Windbreaker – is a manual twist lock with a hook that connects two adjacent containers in a stack. This reduces the risk of the stack being blown over in high winds.

World Crane Services General Manager Ayman Eldawi explains further: “The Windbreaker device locks into the top front two corner castings of an empty container before it is placed in the top row of a stack. When the container is lowered into position the hook element drops into the corner castings of the adjacent container.

“A stack of containers in the yard – especially empties – can be badly effected by strong gusts of wind, and in extreme cases containers can topple to the ground. A technical report by TNO University in the Netherlands shows that a horizontal connection of a row of containers provides a very high level of protection against high winds.”

World Crane Services Technical Manager, Sales & Service, Diederik Lenssens continues: “Besides the obvious safety benefits, Windbreaker will also save time, as terminals will no longer have to implement emergency container handling operations when a sudden storm threatens.”

The device has already caught the attention of the industry; Windbreaker was selected as a finalist for the Innovation of the Year category in the 2015 Containerisation International Awards.

For more information visit the Windbreaker website.
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WCS is in preparing a windbreaker demo in Hong Kong. You will be informed, closer to the time, when the dates of the demonstration are confirmed.