Equipment procurement consultancy

Equipment Procurement Consultancy Being a DP World company provides WCS with the unique benefit of not only repeated Container Crane projects to develop skills and systems, but also a very close working relationship with DP World Engineering staff who repeatedly specify, procure, and project manage within this specialist market. Equipment Procurement Consultancy

  • Refine Clients Specification
  • Provide Full system to tender process
  • Offer latest technology consultation
  • Support client in Evaluation/ Negotiation
  • Seamless Integration of TPI process into the Tendering/ Procurement system

Summary of Benefits

  • Complete audit-trail for full "cradle-to-grave" data management
  • Hierarchal controls allowing "strict confidentiality" on commercial and/or technical data
  • Simplified standardization of specifications and data
  • Single repository for all equipment data benefiting both Manufacturer and Terminal
  • Life-cycle data and knowledge management
  • Inspection criteria is Contract defined and thus integrated to WCS using mobile technology synchronized with central knowledge base for fast, accurate and timely inspection reporting.