Third party Inspections

History has proven that WCS genuinely have the personnel capable of closely integrating with manufacturers staff to produce cranes that match the client expectations. WCS is a niche business in the crane market, not a generic inspection authority. Our staff are crane people, with real knowledge applicable to the needs of containerterminal specialists such as MFT. You have requested design review as part of the inspection process. This service we feel assists the integration of the TPI company and the end user, to form a united front whilst dealing with the manufacturer. Furthermore, in our experience this process always uncovers unwanted errors which can be eradicated in a timely manner. Checking the contact face of Helical gear set


WCS has grown as a company with its heart centered around a key objective of delivering the best possible quality of cranes from the respective crane manufacturer to the end user. This principle is supported through reduced punch lists, shorter on site commissioning durations and consequently improved start up reliability. This ethos has been proven on each project we have tackled when compared to previous experiences of our customers with other Inspection organizations. Our dedicated staff strive to meet this above objective irrespective of the end users identity. Witness testing of structural bolts

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