WCS is committed to providing a world-class level of service to its customers, with the mutual goal of continually improving the level of performance on each successive project.

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Our People

Highly skilled, trained & experienced professionals with  real knowledge of the exacting needs of global ports & terminal environments.

Our Promise

To exceed expectations in terms of the quality & start-up efficiency of equipment supervised by WCS & in the delivery of all our other services.

our Vision

To develop skills & service levels in other market sectors, utilizing our unique experience & flexibility.

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Accident Investigation & Recovery

Unfortunately, our industry experiences its share of accidents & sadly crane accidents & emergencies are occurring with increasing frequencies in ports around the world.

Design Reviews

The commitment to new port equipment represents a significant investment & as your preferred solutions partner, our design review team ensures that they are built correctly to your specifications. WCS can offer a full structural finite element analysis of new...

Engineering & Maintenance Services

A proactive inspection & preventive maintenance program is essential to improving both safety, productivity, identify risks & opportunities for improvement while supporting compliance.

Equipment Procurement Consultancy

The modern maritime & transport industry relies on products & services worth millions or even billions of dollars from external providers to meet ever increasing needs & demands – Nowhere is this more exemplified than in the field of ports...

Equipment Refurbishment & Upgrades

Crane upgrades & refurbishments are a logical & increasingly common approach for strategically-thinking terminals to get the most from their equipment by cost effectively extending the usable life of the asset &  maximizing their return on investment. The need for...

Inspections & Audits

Crane, hoisting/lifting & cargo handling equipment inspections from WCS as your preferred solutions partner ensures not only cost saving benefits, but the safety & reliability of your equipment & compliance with statutory requirements. We offer many types of inspections that...

Manufactured products

As your preferred solutions partner, WCS is equipped to offer a range of tailored manufactured products with a specific focus on productivity & safety. WCS manufactured products are industry leading in the port business, both in terms of design, and number of units sold. Our reference list covers every corner of the globe.

Personnel & Training

In order for ports & terminals to function efficiently, it is essential to have skilled, trained engineers & maintenance staff who have the familiarity with your equipment to ensure minimum downtime, thereby maximising equipment availability & potential revenues. Following strong...

Relocation & Brokerage

Whether it be part of an asset transfer, procurement of pre-owned equipment or accident damage replacement, WCS is well placed to assist in the relocation of equipment from rolling stock & Cargo Handling Equipment to STS cranes, applying Innovative &...

Rope Access

Rope Access systems are installed and dismantled very fast compared to traditional access methods & therefore the impact on your scheduled operations is greatly reduced. This means fewer disruptions & minimized downtime that can be planned around your operational needs...

Sales & Spare Parts

We are professional, competitive, & competent in our service & your perfect partner for the supply of both spare & obsolete parts for all brands of port equipment.

Third Party Inspections

History has proven that WCS genuinely have the personnel capable of closely integrating with manufacturers to produce cranes that match the client's expectations. WCS is a niche specialist in the crane market, not a generic inspection authority.