Rope Access

Rope Access systems are installed and dismantled very fast compared to traditional access methods & therefore the impact on your scheduled operations is greatly reduced. This means fewer disruptions & minimized downtime that can be planned around your operational needs & commitments, leading to a much safer work environment for all personnel.

Word Crane Service employ IRATA Certified Rope Access NDT Technicians that can apply access techniques to a wide variety of environments ranging from confined spaces to complicated structural steel installations, platforms & cranes, allowing greater access over conventional methods. They can quickly access all areas of the crane and carry out NDT where required, to fulfil terminals’ Structural Inspection requirements.

Using rope access allows for more flexibility and rescheduling. The transportation and hire of traditional access equipment such as scaffolding or Elevated Work Platforms can quickly become a financial or logistical nightmare if work priorities change at short notice. Changing work priorities or a change in weather conditions can far easily be accommodated with rope access.

The unobtrusive nature of rope access systems also minimizes the disruption on the ground, as opposed to the use of heavy equipment and scaffolding & greatly reduces the significant risks associated with erecting, including dropped objects which have the potential to be fatal.

When comparing rope access to traditional access methods, the man-hours required to complete the same task are significantly reduced. Generally speaking, erecting scaffolding to access high areas requires much more manpower, time & much greater cost, not to mention that Rope Access is a more environmentally friendly approach.

Rope access methods can be used to access structures or areas that would not be possible to reach using conventional methods & all our IRATA Rope Access Technicians are trained to perform a wide range of advanced techniques and rescues at height. Rope Access is therefore the preferred method to use for any work at heights.

Before any rope access project is considered, WCS ensure a safety-first approach, including fully documented systems to define or provide for a clear ‘Line Management’ structure showing the responsibilities of personnel.

We will also undertake a thorough Risk Assessment, which covers the identification of hazards, assessment of the likelihood of an incident occurring, with rigorous control measures to eliminate any risks risk. Combined with specific planning of the project, including method statements, rescue plans, permit to work, equipment inspection records and certification, & the exclusive use of highly trained, competent & experienced personnel.

Would you like to learn more about our Rope Access abilities & services? Then please contact us to discuss further.

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