Equipment Refurbishment & Upgrades

Crane upgrades & refurbishments are a logical & increasingly common approach for strategically-thinking terminals to get the most from their equipment by cost effectively extending the usable life of the asset &  maximizing their return on investment.

The need for equipment upgrades could be for several reasons. Equipment may suffer from reliability issues due to age, maintenance regimes &/or utilization levels. The introduction of new technologies or the obsolescence of parts such as electrical drives & control units, repair, or refurbishment due to damage, or the increasing drive towards achieving improving energy efficiency are common examples ports & terminals face when considering upgrade or refurbishment programs.

More extensive refurbishments & upgrades can include STS crane height & boom extensions – The demand for this being driven by the desire or need to serve larger vessel sizes, meaning the investment decision becomes a strategic choice with elements of future proofing for the terminal & the clients it can attract or retain.

This is especially true for those terminals with limited expansion opportunities. Refurbishment provides a way to address new operational demands in a shorter time frame, avoiding the longer lead times & costs associated with replacement.

Despite the benefits of upgrades, any decision to do so requires careful consideration, assessment & planning. Viable upgrade projects should always have a more cost-efficient out-come with guaranteed operational productivity, as opposed to out-right replacement. Upgrading is very much a case of smart asset management & can pay huge dividends in terms of productivity and profitability. WCS can help in the decision making process by ensuring you have all the needed info to make that right call.

Additionally, tightening capital budgets are also leading to strong growth in the refurbishment market segment & WCS has positioned itself to cater for varying demands such as drive upgrades, span changes, relocations, and major structural refurbishments. These services are available on a global basis.

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