Category: Man Baskets and Rescue Cages

MB-240 – 2 person

Other available Man Baskets and Rescue Cages

MB-720 – 6 person

MB-65 – Heavy Duty

MB-480 – 4 person

MB-1440 – 12 person

MB-120 – 1 person

20ft Rescue Cage

MB-240 – 2 person

Our smart design Man Baskets are cost-effective and safeguard your personnel, allowing them to get the job done – safely and efficiently. Customisable and designed to carry workers from the ground level to elevated positions while connected to the spreader of the quay side container crane, the equipment allows personnel to work safely within its confines in order to allow clear and safe access to the task at hand. Made to fit all types of cranes, each Man Basket is subjected to comprehensive testing – in accordance with global statutory regulations – to ensure protection and full compliance with global safety legislation for man-carrying equipment.


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