Press release

Official WCS Consulting launch statement

World Crane Services (WCS) has long been a leading name in engineering services to the ports and maritime industry and its established reputation is soon to be expanded thanks to a new venture.

Following strong demand from clients, WCS has evolved to offer a wider scope of services with the launch of a new operational and QHSE based consultancy. WCS Port Consultancy is uniquely positioned to provide solutions and industry-renowned advisory services that supports clients to overcome issues, particularly encountered in the most recent challenging times.

Our Team is focused on using their extensive knowledge and expertise to provide the most valuable solutions for their customers, through a tailored approach. Working hand-in-hand with the client to design a custom plan, the aim is to drive profitability and operational excellence through efficiency improvement and skills development.

And with a customer base is as diverse as our services – From terminal operators and port developers to port authorities and government agencies, through to project management and engineering services, WCS prides itself on the ability to find practical solutions, no matter the project.

“With a vast experience of terminal development and operations, plus a demonstrated track record of continuous optimisation, clients can be assured that WCS are fully engaged to identify, understand, and solve problems. Whether this is to an already-operating terminal or a development project, we aim to give invaluable unbiased opinions ensuring clarity on the potential and risks of any decision or direction. With the upcoming official launch of WCS Consultancy at the Terminal Operators Conference, we are all enthusiastic about the excellent opportunities and potential growth of this new business which is immense” explains Ayman Eldawi, Chief Operating Officer, WCS.

WCS is an independently run business owned by Dubai-based logistics company DP World. This set up allows the use of global resources and expertise while operating in an individual basis, separate from the main operational body of the parent group.

 “With a strong focus on delivering the best possible quality of service, efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, WCS has always applied this ethos to each and every project. So, it was no surprise that there have been increasing requests for their expanded services to fill an obvious gap in the market of providers who are also port operators,” said Matthew Hoag, Senior Vice President, Global Operations and Engineering, DP World.

Mr. Stewart Lawton, General Manager – WCS Consulting added, “The approach, direction and support of this new business has been incredibly refreshing. Our approach is not to just provide simple guidance or generic reports, but to work closely and ‘on the ground’ with clients so that everything can be considered to offer proactive solutions that reflect real circumstances and aspirations, fully appreciating that each site is unique. There are larger consultancy providers in the market, but often there is a disconnect between the experience they bring, and experience gained from being on the ground”.

This is another obvious strength of the WCS approach and indeed, even the Parent Group have been able to counter engage WCS in such assessments to the overall benefit of such projects.

The new WCS Port Consultancy team will join their WCS colleagues at TOC Europe to share more about the latest venture and discuss exciting opportunities with their industry partners and clients.