WCS Consulting receives a delegation from Modjo Dry Port Expansion Project

With clear synergies and a strong collaborative approach between WCS CARGOES Ports and Terminals, it comes as no surprise that the two companies would again work together and be requested to host a visiting delegation of representatives from the Ethiopian Government to discuss the Modjo Dry Port Expansion Project.

The expansion of the dry port will modernize landlocked Ethiopia’s logistics sector. It is a key transportation and logistics facilitator between Ethiopia’s hinterland and ports in the neighbouring country of Djibouti. The expansion project includes construction of warehouses, multi-purpose buildings, various operating facilities and supporting national infrastructure.

A particular point interest for the visiting delegates was the solutions available from the CARGOES, Ports and Terminals Team. This includes enhancing performance and optimizing operations for efficient cargo and container handling for port and terminal facilities and similarly, the impartial experience of WCS in assessing the operational and project needs of such facilities.

The visit was insightful and we look forward to seeing the further expansion of this critical infrastructure project.